Genevieve was welcoming, friendly and understanding.  She selected from a wide range of brands and styles for fit, comfort and my lifestyle. The consolation in the pleasant, private studio at her home was a great alternative to a lingerie shop experience.  Thank you.


was in despair about my prosthesis and bras and the pain they were causing. Before I visited Genevieve,  I had seriously considered having my remaining healthy breast removed,  so I never had to wear a bra again. I cannot express enough gratitude to Genevieve for getting me into a lightweight, well fitting breast form that was right for my body, as well as some comfortable and stylish bras and tops.  My life has changed. I feel comfortable and confident again.


In late 2015, after recovering from a Goldilocks mastectomy and concurrent reduction I was recommended by a breast care nurse to contact Genevieve Gort re being fitted for a prosthesis. At this stage I still feel that I was in some shock from the sudden surgery and recovery involved with the whole breast cancer ordeal. I was ready to move on and needed to feel balanced physically again and to get out of the bra that I had been wearing since the day after the surgery!

Genevieve organised a date for a fitting and I came in from country Victoria and she collected me from Southern Cross station. It was so easy for me. Genevieve put me at ease and really understood what I needed at that time. She really goes to so much effort to make sure that everything fits right, and more importantly she finds out about YOU and what your needs are so that you get lingerie and leisure wear that really suits. She organised the Medicare rebate paperwork for the prosthesis, fitted new bras that suited my changed body and really made me feel so much better.

In late 2017, she helped me do the same thing again and realised that I was changed again and ready
for different lingerie. Plus, a better prosthesis that was new to the market and all the Medicare requirements done again. Genevieve is really understanding and is very encouraging. I think everyone who is lucky enough to come into contact with Genevieve will feel a sense of renewal and recovery and feel so much better in themselves each time. Thank you so much Genevieve.


In 2013 I had a mastectomy and luckily for me a girlfriend recommended Genevieve  to have a prosthesis fitted.

Genevieve was so lovely and caring with the whole process. Her knowledge of the products available is excellent and her ability to find the perfect fit for both a prosthesis and bra is outstanding.

I have since had a reconstruction and still go to Genevieve to purchase bras as I know that they will fit perfectly and her care and attention is fantastic. She always has the latest styles available and knows what will and won’t suit me, even before I try them on.

Genevieve has an amazing attitude towards her business and it is obvious that she really loves what she does and truly cares about her clients.

I would recommend that if you find yourself needing the services that Genevieve provides, do not hesitate to give her a call. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Genevieve


Dear Genevieve, Would like to thank you as you have made an enormous difference to my lifestyle.

For the first time in 8 years I feel comfortable with my bra and prosthesis. My shoulder straps don’t fall down and the bra doesn’t hurt me any more.
I have tried many other places but they don’t have the range or the understanding you offer.
So thank you for your thoughtfulness and understanding of my problems.

SD Bendigo

From my initial contact following a Mastectomy, to the fitting of a prothesis and purchase of new bras, Genevieve has been professional, knowledgeable and a delight to be associated with.
I was impressed with the precise fitting of the most suitable prothesis for me, and to find the correct, comfortable bras for both my body shape and my clothing requirements.
With extensive nursing experience Genevieve understands the physical aspects following a Mastectomy allied with a particularly stylish eye for design and clothing needs. Psychologically this has been of major importance and the product range and display gave a marvellous range of style choices.
Later purchases have been professionally despatched and received days after placing an order by phone.

An added bonus was the expertise with which Genevieve submitted all documentation and claim forms on my behalf, to Medicare to cover the cost of the breast form for the Government rebate - one less claim to consider post-surgery.

I am most appreciative of Genevieve's service and look forward to a long association with her and Breast Care Victoria.

Five weeks ago I had breast surgery to remove two breast lumps and some lymph nodes.
In the hospital I was given a bra for support and some protection as I had three wounds. After being home a few days I was in lots of pain and I remembered Gen Gort had a popular business in Port Melbourne where I live, fitting women with post surgery bras and giving support and information.
I messaged Gen who immediately answered back. We made an appointment for the next day. I was so relieved when I arrived for my appointment.  Gen spoke to me with complete understanding, compassion and professionalism. She knew the exact bra I needed and also suggested a fantastic top with built in support. (I later ordered a second)  
I can’t recommend Gen and her business enough. I was almost in tears with concern when I arrived and left feeling a different woman. I now have the best supportive bra that I have ever owned and it has no wires or seams or tags which can irritate wounds. It has without doubt speeded up and made my recovery so much better. I honestly highly recommend Gen to all.


My surgeon recommended I see Genevieve for a post-surgical bra fitting, prior to undergoing a lumpectomy and subsequent mastectomy. 
Genevieve was extremely helpful to me, she knew the products well and which bras may work best for me, plus she was readily available and contactable. I felt I could ask Genevieve any question and she took the time to understand my needs and explain my options to me. She also provided me invaluable information I wouldn't have known to ask about. I have worn the bras 24/7 since my surgeries and they are so comfortable and supportive I have had minimal pain and have barely noticed that I'm wearing a post-surgical garment. The fabric and seams are perfect for comfortable all day and night wear.
The bras I purchased were a key tool in pain reduction and healing after my surgeries. I also purchased some NewGel+ silicon patches and they have been exceptional in healing my incision scars. One scar, where my lymph node was removed, was raised and very sore. After one week with the silicon patch, it is now flat and no longer hurts. The silicon patches have been very comfortable to wear and provided a soothing and comforting feeling to my incisions.
Genevieve is a very kind and caring individual, with a wealth of knowledge that complemented my surgeries and treatment. I highly recommend getting in touch with her.

Following my preventative mastectomy and reconstruction I was wearing a department store bought post-surgical bra which was proving to be highly uncomfortable and providing minimal support. 

Genevieve fitted me with a Lipoelastic Post Surgery Compression bra and straight away I was comfortable, I had the support I needed and no more pain from the bra. I will definitely be seeing her again later in my recovery for further fittings and bras. I simply can't recommend her enough, she is so professional, caring and knowledgeable. Thank you. 


Genevieve from Breast Care Victoria is amazing.

I ordered my post op bra online and delivery was fast and efficient. When I received it I was unsure I had ordered the right size and Genevieve made the time to FaceTime me so we could look at the size together.  She was so very caring and kind and took the time to talk it through with me, which really helped.

I would highly recommended Breast Care Victoria for any surgical garments you are looking for.

NE Sydney

It is never too late! I underwent a lumpectomy (partial breast removal) several years ago and had stopped thinking about how my bust looked after all the breast cancer treatment and recovery. My mom had noticed that the difference between my breasts was becoming more pronounced due to age and menopause. So I decided to look for prosthesis options and came across Genevieve from Breast Care Victoria. She was very responsive when I contacted her and provided detailed information about the appointment and her location. She was professional, personable and you could tell that she knew what she was doing. The entire process went seamlessly and she even organised the Medicare rebate on the spot. I have no hesitation in recommending Genevieve to anyone looking for a breast prosthesis. She is fantastic!