Lymphoedema is the accumulation of excessive amounts of protein-rich fluid resulting in swelling of one or more regions of the body.

    Secondary lymphoedema is the most common type developing following damage to the lymphatic system. The damage can occur as a result of some cancer treatments including removal of lymph nodes, following radiotherapy or with progression of malignant disease.

    Lymphodema can develop after breast surgery because the lymphatic vessels or nodes have have been damaged.

    The symptoms in the breast may include transient swelling, other symptoms may include aching, heaviness, tightness or temperature change.

    The lymph o fit bra has burled surface which has a massaging and drainage effect on the subcutaneous tissue and minor lymph vessels. This activates and improved lymph drainage and has a positive affect on scar healing.

    Lymphoedema garments should be fitted by a trained fitter.