Surgical Compression Garments

Compression post-surgical garments ensure the crucial, proper care needed following surgery. They speed the healing process along and, due to their anti-bacterial effects, reduce the risk of infection. They also reduce pain and minimize swelling and bruises. The final result of a surgery depends on proper compression therapy as much as the surgical intervention itself. 

We specialise in providing and fitting post surgery compression garments. We work closely with your surgeon to ensure you get the correct garment and fitting for your surgery. 

Genevieve Gort, a registered nurse, specialises in fitting of post surgical garments. She has extensive clinical nursing experience including operating theatre, plastic surgery and volunteering  with Interplast Australia. 

Please call 
0427 889 038 to make an appointment at our Port Melbourne Studio or in the consulting rooms at Mulgrave for fitting of surgical garments prior to your surgery.